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“Thank you so much. You've been a great help to us during this season of our lives”


“Over the last 10 months the more serious issues with my health have been sorted due to the program Veronica instituted and with her support and encouragement I am working towards my other goals”

Energy Psychology is a modern approach to an ancient healing therapy. Every thought or emotion you experience causes a reaction in a specific part of your brain and reveals itself through the body. Throughout your sessions you will learn how to shift your energies, influence your physical health, your emotional patterns and your state of mind.
Vee is an accredited counselor, EFT therapist and personal trainer; thus
 affording the insight into the Mind, Spirit and Body to view things at a holistic level rather then being systematically reactive.
Sessions options are in-person, or online. Available times morning, midday, evening to suit your needs
Call, email, or message below to setup your first step in taking control of your own wellness!

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